Video Integration module allows your operators to view live and pre-recorded video of your subscriber's home/business during the event of an alarm. Video verification is used to significantly reduce false alarms and identify real emergencies. When a signal comes into the dispatch center, operators will be prompted to view pre or post alarm video and/or live video of the violated zone(s). Alarm Center will connect to the remote cameras and display high quality streaming video of your subscriber's remote surveillance cameras. Video monitoring can also be used to take advantage of a new stream of recurring revenue as it offers additional services to your subscribers.
The Alarm Center integrates with the following Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and IP Camera Systems:
If you would like to suggest a DVR not listed above, contact our Sales Department.
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At a glance...

  • Reduce false alarms by verifying signals before dispatching
  • Integrates with network, DVR, and IP camera systems
  • Provides pre and post video along with live video of zones violated
  • Easy to install and cost effective
  • Provides new revenue stream for the dispatch center


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