SyncAgent greatly reduces the resources needed to perform critical and necessary data synchronization, backup, and restore while offering the user a simplistic interface. SyncAgent allows to backup from the primary SQL Server and restore it to another server(s) on your network automatically. During this process the program can also create a unique copy of every backup in case you need to rollback your data to a specific date and time. Unlike SQL Replication, SyncAgent does not have to run on your primary server, thus allowing your server to dedicate its time to what it was designed to do, serve data. Designed as an easy-to-use standalone application that can be installed on any server (or workstation for that matter) throughout your network, SyncAgent consumes as little resources as possible.

How does SyncAgent Out-Perform SQL Server Replication?

SyncAgent can replicate your databases in less than half the time it takes for SQL Replication to do so; because it doesn't have to run on your primary server. SyncAgent requires significantly less resources and operates more efficiently than SQL Replication. The program also has features to process history data so that only the data that needs to be synchronized gets processed.

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At a glance...

  • Synchronize data from one server to multiple servers across your network!
    Perfect for dispatch centers running WebAccess and Dealer Access servers
  • Automatically synchronize your Alarm Center program files and settings from one server to another (pictures, templates, program settings, and more)
  • SyncAgent can create a unique copy of each backup; rollback data to a specific date and time. This option also allows for an offsite copy of each backup on a tape, thumb drive, CD/DVD, or any other portable media
  • Supports daily and hourly backup/synchronization schedules. Database synchronization can occur every 15 minutes, 24-hours, or a specific day and time of the week
  • SyncAgent can run as a Windows service, starting automatically when Windows starts and using minimal system resources while quietly running in the background
  • Optional email notification provided when the server is down or errors that have occurred during synchronization


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