Alarm Center is a software suite designed to automate the operations of Monitoring, Dispatching, Service Management & Accounting for the security industry. Security Information Systems, Inc. (SIS) provides the most affordable, feature rich security software without exorbitant upgrade charges as your operation grows. Scalable to both large and small dispatch centers on a standard Windows platform.

Alarm Center keeps you on the leading edge by offering state of the art enhancements to the entire product line. No other security software company has matched the wide range of products, support, features & capabilities that SIS has to offer.

The Concept of Monitoring

A security system (also referred to in the industry as an alarm panel) is installed in a building (residential or business). Upon a triggering event (like a break in or hold up), the panel seizes the phone line (some panels use internet, cellular, or radio transmissions) and calls the alarm company (also known as a dispatch center) or security office. The panel sends the raw alarm data over the phone line and is received and acknowledged by a hardware device called a receiver.

The receiver sends the raw alarm information to the Alarm Center Monitoring/Dispatch module where it is interpreted, processed and presented to a dispatcher for action. In the case of a break in or hold up, the dispatcher may attempt verification of the event by calling the premises (also known as a subscriber), dispatch the police depending on the procedures followed at the dispatch center or the instructions given by the resident or business. Dispatchers can also send medical help, fire personnel, service and maintenance personnel and can notify the subscriber's designated people on a call list (responsible parties) upon unauthorized entry into a building within a specified time frame (also known as time schedules or open/close times).

This is a brief primer on the concept of alarm monitoring. Alarm panels are used to monitor more things than the standard burglary and fire situations. Other monitoring uses are: video verification, temperature variances, barometric pressure changes, movement detection, gas detection, medical alert and more.

At a glance...

  • A complete solution including all the essential software for dispatching, accounting & service management
  • Easy to use modules with graphical interfaces, remote dispatching and robust reports
  • Scalable to any size dispatch center, commercial or private
  • Powerful and reliable having Microsoft SQL Server as a database platform
  • Dedicated 24/7 Support by experienced professionals with state of the art tools to quickly address any issues
  • Offered in over 100 countries in various languages


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