Dealer Access allows dealers to access their dispatch center and subscriber accounts from a remote personal computer via the internet to add, update accounts and generate reports. Dealer Access integrates with Alarm Center Monitoring/Dispatch module (Enterprise Network version).

This product is specifically designed to reduce your dispatch center operator workload by allowing dealers to use a remote computer (with internet connection) to access their own subscriber monitoring accounts. Dealers can add, update, view their subscriber accounts, retrieve signal history and statistical reports. Perform general account maintenance such as: responsible party, user code, alarm zone or time schedule changes.



Each dealer is issued their own security configuration and password which is used to limit access to specific accounts and specific features within the program. The system administrator can specify the types of access each dealer can have such as:

Allow a dealer to add and/or edit subscriber data or only view it
Ability to place accounts on test
Ability to disable a monitoring account
Ability to change open/close tolerances
And more

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At a glance...

  • Increase center efficiency
  • Reduces risk
  • Reduces operator workload
  • Provides better service to subscriber
  • Controls access to system
  • Easy to learn & support


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