Billing module is designed to work in conjunction with off-the-shelf commercially available billing systems. Acting as a front end, the Billing module has tailored the functionality, invoicing and reporting specifically for the security industry. By combining the Alarm Center with proven billing software, your company will have the ability to easily integrate your Monitoring/Dispatch and Service clients in one complete solution. Features typically not found in proprietary software will be available to you at a fraction of the cost. The Billing module will handle all the recurring billing, dealer billing and contract information. This information is automatically sent to your billing program for final processing.


Recurring Billing

Automatic recurring billing feature which allows the user to generate invoices on a recurring basis, regardless of the customer's billing cycle. Multiple recurring items and cycles can appear on the same invoice along with detailed description and dates of sale. The automatic recurring feature handles both individual accounts and dealer/wholesale accounts for recurring items such as monitoring fees, maintenance, lease, rentals, guard patrol or any other recurring items you designate.

One Time Invoice

Ability to produce one time invoices for non-recurring customers and related sales activity. Bill for your installation, equipment, service calls, parts, etc.

Dealer/Wholesale Billing

This feature allows for multiple customers to be billed on one concise invoice. This feature is a must for dealer/wholesale accounts which prefer only one invoice to be generated for a group.


The Billing module features an extensive reporting system that quickly delivers critical, real-time, detailed, accurate reports that are easy to read and printer friendly.

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At a glance...

  • Detailed Billing and Customer Data Reports
  • Operator Rights Management
  • Account Synchronization Tools
  • Automatic invoicing from service tickets (when used with the Service Manager Module)
  • Seamless integration with the Monitoring/Dispatch and Service Manager Module
  • Available in Single User, Peer to Peer and Enterprise Network


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